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Car Lease Queens | FAQ

We receive many questions on a regular basis about our cars and leasing terms. You can find this information on our website, but if there is something you cannot find, feel free to contact us to speak with one of our representatives. We are happy to take your call at (718)-412-3452.

Car Lease Queens is a car leasing company that offers auto leases for individuals in the Queens community. Our reliable car leasing company works hard to provide affordable car leases for our clients. Our agents are proficient and have a high level of automotive comprehension of the auto leasing industry. If you would like to obtain more details then give us a call. Speak with one of our professional representatives or feel free to send us an email requesting additional information.

What makes Car Lease Queens unique?

We offer reduced car lease rate plans for our customers because we made the decision to construct our business platform Our ability to deliver reduced leasing rates and exceptional service has our clients return to do business again once their lease is up. Our courteous sales agents concentrate on locating the right vehicle for our customers by explaining the positives and negatives of vehicles with many similarities.

Once a client selects a vehicle, we set up an appointment for the client to take the vehicle for a test run. We only move forward with the application procedure if the client is completely satisfied with their auto choice. Call us a call to talk with a reliable sales agent to begin filling out an application for the car you would like to lease today!

Is it possible to physically review your vehicles?

Of course you can view the vehicle before you sign the auto lease paperwork. We would never expect you to enter an auto lease contract without seeing the vehicle first. Besides, we prefer that our clients test drive before filling out any paperwork. If you find the vehicle you test drove did not meet your requirements, then feel free to request another vehicle to test drive.

If you are the type of person that already knows what you want, then go ahead and start the online application process. Once you are approved, one of our trusted specialists will deliver the car to your location. The application process is simple, however if you have questions or would like an agent to help you with the process, then reach out to us. A reliable agent is here to assist you.

What are the options available to us when choosing a car?

Our auto leasing company provides a fully comprehensive inventory of the newest line of autos in the auto industry. We carry many brands like Dodge, Mitsubishi, Kia, Toyota, and Cadillac. Also, feel free to request additional details regarding the different custom trim packages offered for each automobile.

We offer car lease financing options for our customers that require it to acquire a vehicle lease. The experts at Car Lease Queens are each fully qualified. They will be able to direct you in the correct direction in narrowing down your options for the best auto financing rates. Our auto leasing agreements are tailored according to the needs of our clients. For more details, please reach out to our agents during business hours at (718)-412-3452.


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